About our cause

After Mary Honeybun retired from a long and successful nursing career she found that she could not ‘retire’ from her passion to help people.

During her nursing career she realised how important it is, both physically and emotionally, for a person disabled by an accident or a medical condition, to have the mobility that a wheelchair gives them. She also learnt how much the burden on the family and carer’s of a disabled person is eased if the disabled person has this mobility. Furthermore she was aware that the majority of people in need of wheelchairs were often unable to afford to buy their own. So she determined that she would put her efforts into providing them.

She also felt strongly that she wanted to work for a charity where all of the funds raised went into providing for the needy rather than into the administrative costs of the charity. In addition, she wanted to reach out to people of all races and creeds.

Her fourth priority was that it should be something that was environmentally friendly.

An enormous challenge!

And so began her second career! She began researching what she could do to achieve these goals in October 2006 and finally settled on collecting bread bag tags to sell to a recycler from her home with the help of volunteers to purchase wheelchairs. Her ideals were achieved when she handed over the first wheelchair bought from the proceeds of bread bag tags in April 2008. Currently, nearly 75 wheelchairs are provided to those in need of them annually. An amazing achievement!
The Polystyrene Packaging Council of SA has helped her enormously and has set up collection points in other areas from which they process the tags to raise funds to buy wheelchairs. Try to imagine how many loaves of bread, sealed with a bread bag tag; are sold countrywide every hour; there must still be thousands of tags that are going into landfill sites!

Mary’s data base has over 300 names of people and places that collect bread bag tags but still, the most often asked question is: ‘how or where can I get my bread bag tags to you???’  As a result we have had this website created and the most important part of it is the ‘collection points’ page.  We only put up the names with your consent, so if you would like to be on it, please let us know so that we can offer as many alternatives as possible.

There are also groups of people and companies who collect and donate money to the foundation to buy wheelchairs and others who donate wheelchairs for her to distribute; all of which she is extremely grateful for.

None of this would be possible without the vary many people that collect bread bag tags for her, her home is usually filled to overflowing with packets, bags and boxes of them waiting to be sorted; they even fill her bath at times! In addition there are a number of organisations and companies that assist her and she acknowledges, in no particular those listed below.

You Magazine -
www.you.co.za and The Scenic South - www.scenicsouth.co.za which regularly publish articles on the activities of the Foundation

Wynberg Pharmacy -
www.wynbergpharmacy.co.za who hand over the wheelchairs

Winfar -
www.winfar.co.za who import the wheelchairs that she requires

Rotary Club Cape of Goodhope -
www.rotary9350-capeofgoodhope.co.za who donate wheelchairs to the foundation from time to time

- www.diistell.co.za who transport bread bag tags to her from outlying areas

- www.fnb.co.za who have collection points at some of their branches and who produced the video on the project that is elsewhere on this site.

www.zibo.co.za is the recycling company that buys the bread bag tags

www.growrite.co.za who transport the bread bag tags from Cape Town to the recycling company in Johannesburg on a regular basis at no charge.

Hot Ink
- www.hotink.co.za who print pamphlets

SA Polystyrene Packaging Council
- www.polystyrenepackaging.co.za for their assistance

- www.pathcare.co.za who have collection points and transport the tags

Lush Design
www.lushdesign.co.za for designing this website


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